In the past, hardwood floors were popular because they were utilitarian and it was primarily the only type of material that could be used for floors. However, even with a wide range of other flooring materials, hardwood floors still remain a popular and preferred choice for many homeowners throughout the country. Unfortunately, while most people will gravitate towards solid wood flooring, this represents a fairly significant financial investment that many homeowners can’t justify. Luckily, with Engineered Wood Flooring in Nassau County, people can have real wood flooring without the overly excessive price.

What is Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood is basically a combination of a manufactured surface or several layers of plywood for the backing of a wood plank and attached to this backing is a veneer of real wood. The thickness of the engineered flooring can vary between something that is exceptionally thin and something that is anywhere from quarter to a half an inch in thickness. The thicker the veneer, the more money the flooring will cost, but it will still usually be much more affordable than solid wood flooring.

Changing the Look of the Engineered Floor

Depending on the thickness of the veneer layer, the flexibility of changing the look of the floor can be quite significant. For example, with a thin veneer layer, sanding down the floors in order to change the stain could be problematic. With thicker veneers, a person may be able to sand down the floor several times and apply a new stain before the floor gets too thin to refinish.

With the costs of solid wood flooring, it’s also easy to see why Engineered Wood Flooring in Nassau County is such a popular alternative for people who can’t afford the high cost of solid wood flooring. That’s why, if you are looking to change the flooring materials in your home and you want wood flooring, but you can’t afford solid wood flooring materials, you may want to consider an engineered flooring product. With its look, its durability, and its affordability, it’s something to seriously consider. To learn more about this or other flooring materials, you may want to Click Here.

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