The lemon law in California has arbitration. This is a route that an aggrieved consumer can take on their own; there is no need to engage the services of an attorney. Sometimes it works, in the greatest majority of times, it doesn’t. As it doesn’t cost anything to hire a California lemon law attorney, it stands to reason that you should hire one from the outset.

Lemon law attorneys do this work every day, they know the lemon law inside and out, this is something you don’t, and this is where the difference lies. It is easy to misinterpret the law or to understand your rights. Going into arbitration pits you against people that do know the law. The fastest and the least expensive way to get either a replacement vehicle or a refund of the money you paid is to put your trust in a knowledgeable attorney.

Where does the legal fee come from?

Typically, in a civil case, the legal fee is paid as a percentage of the award in the event the case prospers. This is not the case with a California lemon law attorney; their fee is paid by the vehicle manufacturer; this is true in every state.

What to look for in a lemon law attorney:

The key to hiring a California lemon law attorney is an experience. Look for an attorney that knows the state lemon laws in finite detail, look for an attorney that you feel comfortable with. The primary goal of your attorney should be to get rid of your lemon vehicle; quickly and with a minimum of fuss. It is your car, your case but it is important that what you can do to help win is to provide your attorney with any and all information that will allow him or her to effectively argue your case.

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