The most important reason to hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in South Windsor CT is to have an experienced person on your side. An initial consultation provides an opportunity for those injured to ask questions, discover if there is a strong case, and explore possibilities. An investigation will be completed to gather information and evidence of negligence if that applies to the situation.

It is wise to contact a lawyer immediately after an injury. Speaking to any witnesses while the event is still fresh in their minds is advantageous. Pictures of the location are helpful to determine if any obstructions, hazards, or lack of safety barriers contributed to the injury.

What Injured Parties Can Expect

The main objective of insurance company representatives is to settle a claim for as little money as they can. Representatives will first call to ask how the injury happened. Do not speak to that person, let the Personal Injury Lawyer in South Windsor CT speak on your behalf.

Expect someone from the insurance company to offer a cash settlement quickly and present an agreement to sign. Do not sign anything or accept any cash without consulting the lawyer. Once an agreement is signed, it is extremely difficult to seek future compensation.

Figuring Out Compensation

The lawyer will take many factors into consideration when calculating an amount to request. Medical bills lost wages, and pain and suffering may only be the beginning, depending on the circumstances and results of the injury. Minor injuries are often settled out of court via mitigation between the insurance company and the lawyer.

Severe injuries may involve future surgeries, long-term care, permanent loss of wages, or re-training in order for the injured party to take a different job. The difference in wages can also be calculated into the amount. A person making twenty dollars an hour is severely injured and only has the capability to complete a job that pays eight dollars an hour. It is not uncommon for the difference per hour to be added into the calculations.

Hire a Lawyer with Courtroom Experience

Although many personal injury cases are settled out of court, it is wise to seek a firm that has extensive experience bringing cases to trial. A firm with over fifty years experience, such as Kahan Kerensky and Capossela LLP, will probably be familiar with presenting a case in a courtroom.

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