Why Hire CSP Motivational Speakers For Chicago Events

by | Dec 21, 2016 | Business

If you’re like many tasked with the goal of finding appropriate motivational speakers in Chicago, you may be wondering where to go or what to pick. There are seemingly endless possibilities, all made more muddled by the fact that you’ve got a CSP acronym behind or in front of some and not others. CSP stands for Certified Speaking Professional, and you want one at your event, no matter what it is. This is one way to almost guarantee the success of the speaker and the seminar or meeting.

What They Are

Primarily, a CSP is someone who has earned this high designation award from the National Speakers Association and only the best are approved for the honor. It’s a big deal to be a Certified Speaking Professional, as it’s not just about filling out an application and getting the honor. The NSA has to examine their career, see how many jobs you do each year and how much money you’ve earned while speaking. Likewise, they’ll call those clients to make sure that you only delivered excellent speeches.

In short, less than seven percent of professional motivational speakers all over the world have earned this designation.

Why It Matters For Your Event

When you hire someone to speak, you want the best you can find. You can do a lot of research, listen to demo speeches, and read reviews, but ultimately, you’ll already know you’ve got a keeper if they’ve got the CSP designation. Likewise, you know that CSP motivational speakers have been checked up on to ensure that they aren’t just fluff and that they can deliver on what they promise, which is a good speech that motivates and inspires others. They’ve got experience at professional events, they’ve done a lot of it, and they’re qualified to do what you need.

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