Having insurance for your home is very important, because it helps to financially protect you and your family. Home Insurance in Boston can protect families from damages due to fires, acts of God, burglaries, accidents, and much more. Let’s take a look at some helpful home insurance tips that all homeowners could use.

Know the current value of your home. The value of your home will directly affect how much you pay for insurance. Often times homeowners will under or over estimate the coverage they’ll need for their home. You don’t want to undervalue your home, just because it allows for cheaper premiums, because you could regret it if something actually happens. You also don’t want to overvalue your home because you’ll be paying more for protection then you should. Sawyer Insurance Agency, Inc. will work with you to determine exactly how much coverage you’ll actually need.

Consider the contents of your home. In addition to the home itself, you likely have some very valuable items in your possession. These items should be accounted for and included in your insurance coverage. Let’s say your home is worth $250,000 but you have an art collection inside that’s worth $1 million. Are you going to simply insure your home for the $250,000? Calculate the value of all of the content and personal belongings you have throughout your entire home. The final value will be the coverage amount you need.

Factor in liability. It’s important to anticipate accidents that could happen in the future. Let’s say you suddenly come across a lovely dog and you keep him as a house pet. One day a friend stops by and your new dog attacks them, costing them several thousand dollars in medical bills. This is nothing to take lightly. That dog bite could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Home Insurance in Boston can help to cover these expenses, as well as any lawsuits that could arise.

Talk to an agency today about getting covered. An agent will work closely with you to determine the right coverage you need. If you already have coverage, but you aren’t sure if you have enough, or if it’s the right coverage, your insurance agent can work to modify your current coverage. Visit www.sawyerinsuranceboston.com for more information!

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