Humidity is not simply something that affects those individuals on the street. It is not restricted to those in homes or businesses. It is also a very serious occurrence that and negatively impact certain industries. In the past few years, there has been an increased concern in ensuring the matter of humidity or humidification is regulated by a temperature and humidity controller.

Humidification and Humidity

Humidification is simply the process of water being added to the air. When the air becomes muggy and sticky because of the amount of water, everyone talks about the humidity. Humidity is not welcome in many places including various industries. Its affect is both environmental and physiological. This applies to the individual on the street, the worker in the shop and even the equipment in a workplace. As a result, many industries and individuals install some form of temperature and humidity controller. The intent is to decrease the temperature and the humidity without causing any negative effects on the individual person or worker, the machinery and the environment. With a temperature and humidity controller, you can create and maintain the ideal atmosphere for your application.

Why a Temperature and Humidity Controller?

In various industries, temperatures rise and humidity sails. This is particularly true for modern high-speed production industries. When the temperature of the plant rises, the humidity does also as part of the overall plant heat load. While humidity and heat may be an essential or even vital part of the production of certain plants, it needs to be retained at a specific level. This is not only part of government standards for indoor workplaces, it is also about ensuring workers can be productive and safe and products are not damaged due to improper temperature and humidity levels.

A temperature and humidity controller can be installed that can address these issues. One of the more common and increasingly popular methods is a misting system. Installing the right type of high pressure misting system can result in:

* Dramatically reduced temperature and humidity levels
* Reduction of risks to workers where high humidity can place their lives in danger e.g. munition and firework factories (dissipates the chance of electrical charges produced by instances of high humidity)
* Prevention of harm to products e.g. clean rooms, pharmaceuticals, automobiles
* Waste reduction in some industries e.g. cleanrooms
* Improved productivity in some industries e.g. automotive
* Reduction of energy costs
* Meeting the requirements for air quality in the workplace

If your industry wishes to decrease or even eliminate many of the production, environmental and cost problems associated with and resulting from high temperatures and even higher humidity, it is important to look at measures that will safely control it. At the same time, other factors such as cost and quality of air standards must be considered. Misting systems do act as a cost-effective temperature and humidity controller, resulting in them currently being touted as an ideal and cost effective solution.

If you are considering purchasing a Temperature And Humidity Controller do not hesitate to get in touch with the experts at Fogco. Since 1989, we have been providing high pressure misting systems that are suitable for a wide variety of applications. From industrial humidification to residential patio cooling, we can provide you with the right type of misting system. To discover more about who we are, our products and services, visit us online at

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