Why Luxury Buildings and Upper East Side Addresses Stand Out

by | Jan 29, 2014 | Real Estate

When you’re searching for a condo to buy in New York City few addresses stand out more than those in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. While prestige is most assuredly attached to these homes, the truth is luxury buildings and Upper East Side addresses deliver a living experience that sets them apart from other locations within the city even more.

Benefits of East Side Living

If you’re in the market for an apartment home to buy in America’s greatest city, there are some very compelling reasons to consider luxury buildings in the Upper East Side. When this is where you’ll hang your hat, you’ll find these upscale addresses are worth every penny for these reasons and more:


  • Transit ease – If you work, shop and play in Manhattan, the Upper East Side provides you with easy access to the places you want to go. Luxury buildings here are the perfect home base for everything you want to see and do. Some of the very best are within easy walking of such destinations as stores, restaurants, schools, parks and much more. By calling one of these buildings home, you’ll enjoy reduced transit time and increased time to simply enjoy life.


  • The culture – With so many museums, galleries, parks and restaurants to explore, you will find Upper East Side living appeals to your cultural side. Plus, if you’re in the thick of it all, you won’t have to battle traffic to take in an exhibit.


  • The perks – Luxury buildings in the Upper East Side are designed to offer their residents an abundance of perks all under their own roof. Imagine not having to leave your building to visit a club, workout, sit in a garden or visit a spa. Some of the best buildings here are designed to be rather self-contained so residents can simply come home and enjoy.
  • The security and service – The finest luxury buildings in the Upper East Side also provide their residents with topnotch security and service. From 24-hour door service to on-site concierge service, coming home means being pampered 365 days a year.

When it’s time to search for an apartment to buy in New York City, you’ll find the Upper East Side is desired by many for good reasons. If location, amenities and culture matter to you, a luxury building here is where you will want to hang your hat.

Luxury buildings in the Upper East Side provide the perfect address for those who want to enjoy the best of the city. For more details, visit our website at www.manhattanhouse.com.


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