It’s no secret that long-term medical care and extended stays in nursing facilities can be pricey. The national average can be between $40,000-$100,000 per year, depending on accommodations and type of care. That cost simply isn’t affordable for most seniors, at least not without depleting their entire life savings and often even more. Medicaid planning trusts can be one way of protecting your assets while also getting the coverage you or your loved one need to help with lofty medical costs.

What is Medicaid Planning?

Because Medicare does not typically cover the cost of nursing home stays and extended hospital admissions, many seniors put their assets into a trust or gift them to loved ones to deplete their legal assets enough to qualify for Medicaid coverage. This proactive financial move is called Medicaid planning, and it can help seniors struggling to cover medical and personal care costs get the assistance they need to pay for their care. For help with Medicaid planning trusts, contact Horn & Johnson SC , Medicaid planning experts.

Why Hire a Professional to Help Me Plan for Medicaid?

Handling planned Medicaid on one’s own can be difficult, so getting help from a Medicaid planner is a must for those who want to guard their assets and protect their own and their family’s future. For help with Madison, WI Medicaid planning, contact a dedicated Medicaid planning attorney with experience dealing with cases like yours.

When you go the Medicaid planning process alone, you risk having your “gifted” assets trusted to family and friends depleted. Putting your funds and assets into a trust protects them and keeps your future safe while you focus on getting the medical treatment and care you need. Call a Medicaid planner today and ask about planning a safer, more secure financial future.

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