If there’s one thing certain about dieting, it’s that it is certainly hard to succeed. The average dieter will attempt more than 10 separate diet plans in their lifetime. Yet they have less than a 10 percent chance of ever losing significant weight and keeping it off.

That is why it’s important to do everything you can to tip the odds in you favor. For an increasing number of people, weight loss tea is the secret ingredient they need to make their diets work.

What Is Weight Loss Tea?

Actually, there isn’t just one type of tea that will bring these effects. Instead, there is a variety of herbal teas that can impact your body in different, positive ways. You should choose your particular tea based on your dieting challenges.

Most people select a tea that will boost their metabolism and speed up their weight loss. One such tea is yerba mate, a tea blend that’s long been popular in South America for its health-improvement potential. Along with fighting cholesterol and improving your complexion, yerba mate simultaneously reduces your appetite and speeds up your metabolism. This compounds the amount of weight you lose per week.

Other Benefits from Tea Drinking

Not all weight loss tea reduces appetite, however. Some people prefer teas that ward off fatigue, increase their mental acuity, or improve their motivation.

These types of teas are great because changing your diet to lose weight can negatively affect your mood and cognitive function. The simple fact is that a calorie-restricted diet reduces the energy available for your brain, and makes it hard to think clearly and stay energized during the day. Selecting the right tea can minimize or even eliminate these effects. This will not only make you feel better, it will make it easier to stick with your diet over time.

Finding the Right Tea for You

With all the options available, how can you find the right tea for your particular physiology?

There are two basic options. First, you can try out a range of teas, and see which has the effect you want. If you have tried dieting in the past and know how calorie restrictions affect you, look for a tea that counteracts the negative effects you experienced.

For most people, dealing with hunger is the hardest part of a diet. Yerba mate is a great choice in that case. Other people don’t feel hungry, but do get brain fog. They might have more success with oolong tea, which helps people think clearly.

If you’re struggling to find the right tea for you, consider meeting with a detox counselor. They can help you evaluate your diet challenges and find a weight loss tea in Fort Lauderdale that will ease the process.

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