Coin collecting is both a hobby and a potential investment option. It takes a lot of time and knowledge to build a collection worth more than what was spent to amass the coins. It does not always have to be as expensive as it may seem to take part in this hobby. Here are five tips for new collectors that are unsure where to begin.

Start at Home

Look through piggy banks, couch cushions and any change that comes back from the store. Many people begin their collection just by setting aside any coins they find that look unique or is old. Visit a website site that has a database of coin values and look up the value of all coins currently in the home. This will make it obvious that weird looking coins and old change are not always what people are seeking.

Find a Resource

Locate a reputable Coin Dealer in OKC. These locations not only provide a place to buy and sell coins but give the new collector an expert to talk to that is able to help them learn more about their hobby. Visiting a coin dealer also provides an opportunity to purchase coins the new collector may not be able to find anywhere else until they are able to expand their network.

Learn About Care

Finding coins is not all it takes to build a valuable collection. It is also important to learn how to care for them properly. Talk to a Coin Dealer in OKC to understand how the quality of the coin matters when it is valued. Knowing how to properly clean and store coins is one of the most important skills every collector must have.

Collectors sometimes choose to keep a specific denomination, search for coins from a certain year or only keep gold or silver coins because this makes it is easier to become an expert on their own collection. A new collector needs to look at everything and gain general knowledge to determine what appeals to them most. Visit  to see what they have in inventory and to learn more about coin buying and selling.

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