If you use hypochlorite to treat water in either an industrial or residential treatment plant, you have two options. You can choose to have bulk hypochlorite shipped to your treatment plant, where you’ll store it until it’s used; or you can choose to generate hypochlorite at the premises as you need it. For many treatment plants, switching to onsite hypochlorite generation has been a big money saver. Here’s why.

Onsite Hypochlorite Generation Costs

The first reason that onsite hypochlorite generation has become popular recently is because it saves money over time. The lifecycle of the hypochlorite is better utilized, because you are generating what you need, and not running the risk of storing so much that it begins to lose its potency. The maintenance costs for the generator have been shown to be less than the cost of ordering and shipping product to you.

Onsite Hypochlorite Generation Safety

Another way that this method is saving money is that it is safer. Chlorine gas is a very volatile compound, and having a lot of it stored in a treatment plant can be hazardous to employees. By reducing this hazard, you are saving in medical costs and sick pay. Additionally, it is safer to generate your hypochlorite than to have it shipped because it is harder for the dangerous chemical to be targeted by would-be thieves. This reduces your loss prevention costs, which is just one more way you’ll save money.

Onsite Hypochlorite Generation Environmental Impact

Finally, generating your hypochlorite is much more environmentally friendly. Not only are you reducing your shipping costs, but you are also reducing the carbon footprint that comes with having product continually shipped to you. This is an important step that many treatment plants are taking to reduce the impact on the environment that treating water can create.

Our Warranties Save You Even More

Our onsite hypochlorite generation products come with a lifetime warranty on many of the parts, meaning that you’ll continue to save money knowing that maintenance and repairs are covered. There is also a one-year warranty on the entire system to ensure that you don’t incur extra costs in the first year. If you want to learn more, or if you are ready to switch to onsite hypochlorite generation from bulk delivery, contact Capco Water Solutions to get started.

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