Why Opting for Dental Implants in Annapolis is Worth Considering

by | Jul 15, 2015 | Dentistry

No one likes to hear that their teeth are in such bad shape that they have to go. However, once the patient gets used to the idea, it is possible to begin exploring options for replacing those teeth. When the dentist brings up the idea of Dental Implants in Annapolis, listen closely. Doing so could lead to identifying the best possible solution.

Understanding the Concept

Dental Implants in Annapolis are intended to be a more or less permanent solution. The process involves preparing the gums and inserting the body of the implants directly into the jaw. A small portion protrudes above the gum line and is covered by a cap. The cap is designed to look just like a real tooth. Once the implants are in place, and the caps are secured, no one will suspect the implants are not the real thing.

Maintaining a Strong Jawline

Many people do not realize that once natural teeth are gone, the jawline’s shape will begin to change. This is because there are no longer teeth in place to maintain the original shape. This is one of the reasons people opting for dentures have to invest in alterations, or even new denture plates, after several years. The older plates no longer fit the contours of the jaw.

By contrast, the implants fill in the spaces that used to be home to the natural teeth. This ensures the shape of the jawline remains the same.

No Adhesives or Fears of Dentures Slipping

While dentures are a good choice for people who cannot be fitted for implants, they come with some drawbacks. An adhesive is necessary to provide cushioning and keep the plates in place. Dealing with the adhesive can be a messy job. In addition, there is the possibility of the adhesive not holding. When that happens, the plates are more likely to slip out of position.

Implants are firmly in place and will not move unless a tremendous amount of force is exerted. This makes it all the easier to relax and enjoy a meal out or a party without any fears of the teeth slipping out of place.

For more information about dental implants, Click Here and arrange to speak with a professional. Implants may turn out to be the ideal solution for replacing missing teeth.

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