Why Residential Window Tinting in Yucaipa Is a Growing Trend?

by | Mar 21, 2018 | Business and Economy

Many Yucaipa homeowners have residential windows tinted with the same type of materials used on vehicles. Residential Window Tinting in Yucaipa helps owners make homes more energy efficient. Tinting can reduce glare and prevent dangerous UV rays from entering rooms. The film used for tinting can even act as a safety feature that increases home security.

Tinting Increases Energy Efficiency

Residential Window Tinting in Yucaipa is often used to keep homes cool and help reduce the need for air conditioning. Tinting film helps cool homes by reflecting light back instead of allowing it to enter rooms and warming them. The effectiveness varies among tinting products, but those offering maximum protection can reduce about 80% of heat. In general, the lighter the film, the less it reflects light. However, spectrally-selective films are neither dark nor reflective and offer exceptional cooling. Quality materials can lower annual energy costs by as much as 50%.

Interiors Are Protected From Glare and UV Rays

Homeowners who want to reduce interior glare also schedule estimates for residential window tinting via sites like Tintcity.com. Technicians can provide and install film that reflects glare. Residents are then able to watch TV, use their computers, read, and enjoy other activities without dealing with distracting glare. Reducing the sun’s heat and glare can increase productivity for those who work at home. Tinting also filters UV rays that can lead to skin damage. Studies show that UV radiation is a common cause of non-melanoma skin cancers, but window film can reduce 99% of it. Filtering UV rays also protect furnishings, artwork, and carpets from sun damage.

Homes Become More Secure

Tinting windows also adds a layer of protection to homes. Residents are able to see anyone approaching, but intruders cannot see inside. In addition, professionally installed safety film applied to window interiors and exteriors can be strong enough to deter burglars long enough for homeowners to call for help. Homeowners who want this added protection can discuss their safety concerns with tinting specialists. They offer a range of options based on customers’ priorities. Final choices depend on prioritizing concerns such as energy savings, safety and decorative features.

Professionally applied window tinting can lower home energy costs by preventing the sun from heating rooms. Window film also cuts glare and prevents dangerous UV rays from entering home interiors. In addition, correctly applied tinting materials can make windows strong enough to deter intruders.

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