Why Stone Craftsmen Stay Busy Installing Quartz Countertops in MN Homes

by | Apr 1, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

Quartz counters are one of the primary reasons that Minnesota stone fabricators stay busy. Professionals such as Granite Unlimited Inc. constantly get requests for information and quotes to install quartz countertops in MN homes. The beautiful, durable material is in demand because it increases home values, is easy to maintain and can be adapted for many uses.

Stone Counters Add Instant Beauty

Customers who are building new homes or renovating often choose to install quartz countertops in MN homes in order to add instant elegance and value. The beautiful materials used to create quartz bathroom and kitchen counters are not made from 100% stone. They actually consist of polymer resins and natural materials, giving the final slabs uniform colors. This makes it easier for clients to visualize the final results and get perfectly matching countertops. Clients are also attracted to the many quartz patterns and colors that range from muted gray hues to vibrant reds.

Low-Maintenance Quartz Is Durable and Healthy

Clients often choose quartz because its beauty can be maintained for decades with just simple care. Counters can be cleaned with soap and water and are scratch resistant. Unlike some stone, they do not need to be sealed or polished. Surfaces are also chip and scorch resistant. Quartz is non-porous, which makes it resistant to juice, coffee, wine, and other stains. Its non-porous nature also makes it healthier than other choices. Countertops do not take in a lot of moisture or bacteria, so they are safe for food preparation. In fact, some quartz manufacturers certify that their materials meet safety and health standards.

Quartz Is a Versatile Material

Homeowners can create entire kitchens, bars, and bathrooms with quartz because it is very versatile. Craftsmen can fashion it into elegant wet bars, islands, desktops, tabletops, and backsplashes. Some clients use it for unique fireplace surrounds, vanities, floors, or tub and shower surrounds.

Homeowners who are building new houses or renovating often add quartz countertops when they want beauty, durability, and easy maintenance surfaces. Quartz is also popular because it is a healthy kitchen surface and is versatile enough to be used for tabletops, backsplashes, bathroom surrounds, and more.

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