There are many obvious reasons to hire a professional for termite control, but not all homeowners understand the true risk of allowing termites to populate a home. Not only can serious structural damage occur, it is also possible for injuries or worse to happen to a resident of the property at any moment once the damage has progressed to a dangerous extent. Preventing this will ensure the health and safety of everyone living inside a home and keep the home in good condition for generations to come.


A single termite colony can have hundreds of thousands of termites within it, each one eating daily to maintain itself and its colony. Some species, such as the aggressive Formosan termite, can have well over 500,000 individuals in a colony, making termite control in Phoenix, AZ crucial for a strong home and to prevent property damage. Most species of termites are relatively small, but with numbers this large, it is fairly easy to see how these insects can cause significant damage to a property over time.

Not One Area

It is estimated that a colony of subterranean termites, the most destructive type in the U.S., can consume 16 grams of food on a daily basis, with an overall total of 12.9 pounds a year. Companies such as Alliance Pest Management allow you to find and destroy any colonies before this occurs, which will prevent serious damage. If left unchecked, it is important to understand that termites do not stick to just one area of the home and will spread throughout an entire attic or similar areas to accommodate the population.

Never DIY

One of the most dangerous characteristics of a termite is its ability to hide, allowing them to go unnoticed for long periods of time. You need to call a professional termite control service right away, for these experts have the training and specialized equipment necessary to get the job done on the first try. Visit website for more details about expert termite control in Phoenix, AZ.

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