Your car is a very useful machine. Given that it does so much for you – takes you where you need to go, carries things you could never haul on your own, protects you from danger on the road – you can surely see the need for regular maintenance and care for your vehicle. The same is true of other practical machinery, and perhaps nowhere is this truer than in the world of oil mining and processing.

Strengthening the North American Backbone

To say that oilfields are something of a backbone to North American society is an understatement. These facilities and their machinery are literally what keeps the world moving. Though newer energy sources are coming into play in many areas of Canada and the United States, petroleum, and natural gas products are still the bulk of our energy source.

Maintaining these important facilities is crucial to ensuring that constant hum of activity continues. Oilfield service companies are a vital part of that perpetual movement and knowing what they will help us understand just how important their work is to our everyday lives.

Common Oilfield Maintenance Services

So, how do oilfield service companies care for the fields they are tasked with maintaining? The most common and most-needed services include:

  • Service of pumpjacks and other large machinery.

  • Prevention of clogs in pipes and tubing.

  • Checking and repair of the power supply.

  • Spill cleanup and containment. (This is critical since spills can be disastrous to nearby wildlife.)

With these services performed regularly by a trained industry professional, fewer accidents will occur, productivity will increase, and oilfields being serviced will continue to function properly for many years.

Where are the Service Professionals?

Alberta, Canada is home to some of the richest North American supplies of oil and natural gas. This makes it unsurprising that so many oilfield service companies also operate out of Alberta. These professionals don’t just touch up paint and dust off machines – they’re keeping all of North America and much of the modern world on its feet, every single day!

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