Working Americans pay into a fund, directly out of their paycheck, called Social Security. Social Security provides benefits upon retirement to ensure a regular income for the elderly. In addition to this service, there are also benefits available in cases where a person becomes permanently disabled. This is a life-saving benefit that ensures people who become disabled and unable to work, can still get an income to support themselves. A Social Security Disability Attorney in Bellingham WA can help with this process.

Applying for benefits

A person who has become disabled can apply for Social Security disability payments at their local Social Security Administration or on their website. This is a lengthy application process and all medical records proving the disability must be submitted with the application. There is no requirement to have a Social Security Disability Attorney in Bellingham WA to apply for these benefits. However, an attorney may be a benefit in ensuring the application is complete and all supporting documentation is included.

Denial of benefits

Approximately 65% of initial disability claims get denied. Often, legitimately disabled people who qualify for these benefits will be denied. Sometimes, this denial is due to improper or incomplete applications or even due to missing medical information. An attorney will help in these situations. They can assist with the original application to help prevent denial, as well as apply for an appeal in cases of denial.

Appealing the decision

Unfortunately, even after the first denial and appeal, many qualified people get denied benefits. This is often a frustrating and difficult time for those suffering from a disability and is unable to work. Fortunately, there are attorneys available that are familiar with the process and will help fight for the benefits deserved. They will even take the case to the federal court if need be.

A disability is difficult enough on its own without wondering how the disabled person will support themselves or their family. Social Security disability benefits are there to provide the help needed in these times. Unfortunately, the system is congested and difficult to navigate. An attorney understands this and will provide assistance in this process. Browse the website for more information or to have a cased reviewed.

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