The most important thing to do in any crisis that may later result in legal or financial implications is to speak to an attorney. While the police may want you to speak with them first, knowing your rights is truly your best defense. Working with an attorney that not only knows the laws of your state, but has the experience to follow through with your case is how best to proceed in any circumstance. A Family Law Attorney Wichita KS residents trust is Attorney Kevin Mark Smith. In addition to this form of legal assistance, he is known for his skills in Criminal Law, DUI/Drug Defense and Domestic Violence cases. He is a Family Law Attorney Wichita KS clients also rely on for his prowess on Medical Malpractice and Automotive Accident cases. This is because his background has enabled him to understand and defend those clients whose cases may be too complex for the average lawyer. Click Here for his website at for more information on his unique legal career and the many forms of law he specializes in.

Speaking with an attorney such as Mr. Smith should be your first defense. He offers a free consultation to discuss your situation and talk about your best path forward. This can be obtained by visiting his website and leaving complete and accurate information for a quick response. You can also request an appointment by speaking with one of his representatives on his toll-free phone line. It is best advised that more complicated legal situations be discussed in person with a member of his staff. Potential clients will be glad to note that his legal group practices throughout the State of Kansas and can discuss any case within state lines.

His advise and counsel can be life-changing particularly when you are dealing with a Family Law or Domestic Abuse situation. Answering to a guilty plea when you are not guilty in order to avoid a trial may not be the best way to settle issues. With an attorney by your side from the beginning, it can be about taking the best deal and not the first deal that is offered by the court or an opposing attorney.

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