Worker’s compensation is a commercial insurance coverage that will pay for the wages and medical costs when an employee becomes injured while working. If the employee suffers from a short term or permanently disabling injury, the insurance would pay for lost wages as well. The purpose of this insurance is to pay off the cost associated with the accident so the employee does not file a lawsuit against their job provider. It is commonly referred to as a litigation bargain.

This type of insurance was first created in 1855 in Alabama and Georgia. At the time it was put in place to give employees the right to sue their employers when they become injured while they are working. It was not until the 1950’s that every state in the US has enacted some sort of compensation law to protect employees.

As most people would suspect, the protection that this kind of insurance providers does vary from one state to the next. However, the very basic elements remain unchanged. Weekly payments are usually made to the injured employee until they are able to return to work. Some states require certain kinds of payments for long term or short term disabilities. If you worked a dangerous job and your finger was chopped off, for example, you could be entitled to a single payment of several thousand dollars.

The purpose of a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Lafayette is to make sure that you file your claim for the coverage that you are entitled to when you get hurt at work. If you have been hurt while you were working, you are going to want to contact them today for help. The unfortunate truth is that there is a time limit on most compensation claims. Any Workers Compensation Lawyer in Lafayette is also going to tell you that it is important to report all accidents and injuries in writing, no matter how insignificant they might see. You never know when a minor injury could turn into a disabling one later on. You want to make sure your employer has it on record that you have been injured in the past.

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