As with any tasting, the people attending and their reasons for being there make all the difference between a Traverse City Wine Tasting being great fun or extremely serious. If a winery has arranged a tasting for the buyers from a large chain of retail outlets around the world, then, the chances are that everyone involved will be taking the proceedings seriously. Lots of sipping and spitting out while talking prices, deliveries and other business matters – almost certainly without any entertainment laid on in the background. This sort of Traverse City Wine Tasting would have either been organised by a winery itself or be part of an invitation only wine trade show.

It’s Always About Somebody’s Bottom Line But, It Can be Fun As Well

No winery, wine bar or other commercial establishment is going to give away free wine for no reason. However, there are many instances around the country where the appearance is that the public can find free tastings – all they have to do is turn up. Connoisseurs are welcome at these events but the expectation is for the majority to be ordinary people who have developed some taste for actually drinking a glass of wine down to its last drop.

The organizers of such a Traverse City Wine Tasting will hope that those attending enjoy the taste of the wines so much that they will sign up on the spot to purchase a case (or two). The more cynical may say that plying the visitors with wine, will reduce their resistance to say no to purchasing more wine and, thus, more wine will be sold (recouping the cost of the exercise). Tastings such as these will often feature entertainment and, at least snacks, if not a full meal.

Sometimes such public tastings might be free of charge but, quite often, a reasonable entrance fee may be charged. But, however they are organized; these tastings are almost always bound to be fun to attend.

Be A Responsible Wine Tasting Drinker

Let’s assume that you are not going to spit out all the wine that you taste, therefore, unless the Traverse City Wine Tasting is being held in or near to the place where you plan to sleep, how do you intend to get back from it? Fortunately, you can have your wine and drink it as it were. The answer is to link up with one of the specialist companies that provides chauffeur driven transport to and from wine tastings.

For details about and transport to and from a Traverse City Wine Tasting, you should contact Traverse City WINE AND BEER TOURS. Within or beyond the City they are well equipped to take care of your needs. To arrange something suitable for you, give them a call on 231.499.2656.

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