Even if you have a brand-new HVAC unit, this is the time of year when it makes the best sense to have your annual maintenance done. HVAC units go through a lot of wear and tear through Portland winters and summers. Keeping your building cool and your utility bills down while at the same time maintaining a comfortable temperature in your business, office complex, or professional building should be on property manager’s to-do list. Doing routine maintenance on a large-scale HVAC is a time-consuming task, and if a problem is encountered, a professional will need to fix it. It pays to have a professional do your HVAC maintenance service to handle any problems on the spot.

Is Your HVAC Old Enough for College?

Many building and property managers do not realize that just because in HVAC can maintain a temperature, that doesn’t mean that it’s doing it efficiently. Older HVAC systems can be incredibly wasteful when it comes to heating and cooling, and as the system ages that can be reflected in ever-increasing utility bills. Energy Star recommends that HVAC systems be replaced in residences when they are more than ten years old and if the equipment needs frequent repairs. Additionally, older systems that have not have regular maintenance can contribute to bad air quality within the building.

Portlanders Know Portland

Going to a local firm is your best bet for the best service. Look to an experienced local contractor both for maintenance on a new HVAC system or to replace an older, failing system with high-quality equipment and components. A leading contractor will have an excellent reputation and can offer reasonable prices without compromising quality. Maintaining your current system and updating your old system will be a breath of fresh air.

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