If you were doing a search for “search engine marketing,” you probably would’ve found a lot of other pages before this. However, if you were doing a search for search engine marketing and the words “San Francisco,” then it’s not surprising that you ended up here. Long tailed keywords are some of Google’s favorite things. They help people find what they’re looking for in a more refined way than a larger general term would. Odds are that you’re from the Bay Area and looking for help with search engine marketing.

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Long tailed keywords don’t always need to have a geographic area in order to be effective. A number of searchers use “near me,” or “nearby.” If Google can ascertain their location, it can present a wide variety of offerings under their specific search term. Google helps people find what they need, but companies like Remote Face help companies get found.

Search engine marketing had a bit of a bad rep. A number of bad actors could stuff keywords into pages that had absolutely nothing to do with the subject, and then redirect the hapless searcher into a warren of websites that were little more than click bait. That’s if the searcher was lucky, of malware sites would bait their traps with popular keywords in order to lure in maximum traffic, and infect a large number of machines. Google has changed their standards in order to thwart them, but now you need to have an expert to help you with search engine marketing.

Your product needs to appear near the top of the page in order to get the maximum number of views and clicks. Talk to us about how to get to the top of the page in a white hat and organic way.

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