Imagine for a moment the frustration of a small fender bender, one you find yourself liable for, and then consider how high the cost to take care of it would be if you did not have automobile insurance. Not only would you find yourself responsible for your own medical bills and auto damage, but you would also be legally obligated to cover the cost of medical bills and auto damage for the other driver. Auto insurance will prove the best and most cost-effective way to protect yourself, even if you are not found liable for the accident, because it will cover your bills and even potentially provide coverage if the liable driver does not have insurance.

You Really Save Money

Automobile insurance in Lancaster, PA will inevitably help you to save tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills alone, a benefit you receive in exchange for a small monthly payment. Some insurance companies offer a discount for prepaying a number of monthly premiums. This can be a convenience that leaves you with no payments during the covered period. If you find yourself liable for the accident, the choice to visit beforehand will potentially save you from a significant amount of debt.

You Are Required

As beneficial as automobile insurance will prove to be after one incident, you may find yourself surprised to learn a third or more drivers fail to keep their insurance up to date. It is a law that all licensed drivers carry insurance and proof of such insurance, and failure to have it may result in a heavy fee or even more serious legal action. Auto insurance will protect you from the exorbitant costs of covering damage and injury for other drivers, and you avoid legal trouble as well.

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