Your Guide to Sales Coaching: The Basics

by | Feb 2, 2016 | Business

Imagine that you are a business owner and that members of your sales team need some additional support. Perhaps they are having trouble initiating candid conversations with prospective clients or struggling with the process of successfully closing a sale. Who do you turn to for support? A sales coach and sales coaching programs can be a great way to boost your sales force and overcome common obstacles.

What is Sales Coaching?

Sales coaching in Chicago focuses on training and developing team members in all areas of the sales process – from initiating customer contact to closing a sale. Step by step, it focuses on how to overcome obstacles and master difficult situations that may arise throughout the operation. A sales coach can help your company conduct a comprehensive needs assessment – helping to determine which areas of the sales force need some additional training and support. They can also work to facilitate programs that can help sales people define their goals and objectives, put a plan in place to ensure business success and motivate them along the continuum.

Types of Sales Coaching

There are traditionally two types of sales coaching – strategic sales coaching and tactical sales coaching. Generally speaking, strategic sales coaching focuses on how well a sales rep approaches a new or existing account – how well did they conduct themselves and handle any challenges that may have presented themselves at the initial point of contact? Tactical sales coaching, on the other hand, focuses primarily on selling skills and knowledge of the process. This is typically done once a rep has already established contact with a key account and is in the process of actually selling a product, service or idea. Tactical sales coaching provides employees with valuable feedback regarding how well they pitched their product and what they can do to better close the sale the next time around.

Finding the Best Sales Coach

So now that you know what sales coaching is and the different types of sales coaching that are available in the business world, it is time to select a professional. Finding the right professional sales coach can be difficult, if you don’t know what to look for. It is important that you find someone who is not only skilled in the areas of sales and marketing, but who is a seasoned professional, as well. Finding someone who has an eye for detail and who is dedicated to providing the best advice, guidance and support for your sales force is critical.

For more information on sales coaching in Chicago, contact The Sales Coaching Institute.

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