Your Spine and Back Pain

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Your spine is impressive. It is a mix of muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments and nerves, both flexible and strong. We use it like a workhorse and take it for granted until something goes wrong and sharp shooting pain hits you. There are so many ways the spine can cause pain.

  • The space around a disc or discs in your back becomes irritated
  • The large nerves going down into your legs and up into your arms can become irritated
  • The joints, nerves or bones in your back are injured
  • The muscles in your back become strained

If you are experiencing spine pain in the Jacksonville area do not hesitate to consult a pain management specialist.

Your Cervical Spine Commonly Known as Your Neck
Neck pain is generally caused by strain in a muscle, ligament or tendon and usually heals with time and the use of treatments such as ice/heat applications, medications or physical therapy. If your pain lasts longer than a few weeks you may have an issue like a herniated disc or other anatomical problem. Your pain management doctor will then order tests to find out where the problem lies.

The Thoracic Spine (Your Upper Back)
There are 12 vertebrae that comprise your upper back. That part of your spine is essentially a cage protecting your lungs and heart. Injuries to this part of your spine are unusual but when it does happen you will definitely notice the pain.

Your Lower Back AKA the Lumbar Spine
If you are ever going to experience back pain here is where it will be. This is where most of your back motion takes place and it bears all the weight of your frame. It is in your lower back where you find the most wear and tear, herniated discs and strain. You may also experience numbness that radiates down your leg or legs that can actually be traced back to an injury or herniated disc in your spine.

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