A Brief Guide for Industrial Gearbox Repair

by | Jun 25, 2021 | Turbine

Industrial gearboxes are designed to regulate the amount of power generated by turbines and control their torque. In case the industrial gearbox suffers a malfunction and stops running smoothly, you will want to hire a professional company for industrial gearbox repair as quickly as possible. Gearbox repair services are offered by a number of local companies, but you have to make sure that you hire a company that specializes in turbine gearbox fixes.


Before the work can begin, a preliminary inspection will be carried out by the professionals. This is important to determine exactly what component has malfunctioned and then figure out what steps need to be taken to repair it. In case of damaged components or broken shafts or bearings, the only option is to replace them. However, this costs money based on the kind of gearbox that was used. Industrial turbines are quite big, so an inspection is necessary to determine exactly what’s wrong. The company will then give you a quote for the repairs.

Repairs and Testing

Once the industrial gearbox repair work has been completed, the company will test the turbine carefully to check whether the new gearbox is holding up okay. These are expensive repairs, so companies are willing to offer a warranty for full gearbox rebuilds and other expensive services. Before you hire any company, it’s important that you ask about their turnaround times. This will give you a better idea regarding how long your machines are going to be shut off.

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