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by | May 29, 2020 | Turbine

Turbines are useful tools. They help power planes. They help power electrical generators. They are efficient and convert a lot of their fuel into usable energy. If you have an electrical power station, you know that it is a complex operation. S.T. Cotter Turbine Services Inc. supply generator disassembly services We are glad to have the knowledge and ability to handle the maintenance of turbines.

Pretend that you are managing the operation of an electrical power plant at a dam. The dam’s turbines have been running for over 50 years. A major technical analysis reveals that the blades of the turbines are getting worn out. You do not know what to do. The job is big and requires a lot of attention to detail. Suddenly, you remember S.T. Cotter Turbine Services. We can handle your turbines. You give us a call. Our friendly and professional staff set up an appointment to come fix your turbine blades. Our technicians arrive on time. The dam’s sluice gates are opened to allow a diversion of water so that the turbine blades can be accessed. We begin our generator disassembly. After a couple of months, the job is completed. You are happy.

This is just an example of what S.T. Cotter Turbine Services Inc. can do for its customers. We value your business. If you have a major turbine job just waiting to get finished, we are here for you. Give us a call at 612-424-5614. Expert salespeople will handle your call and answer your questions.

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