If an ankle, knee, shoulder, or hip is bothering you, your probably need to seek out an orthopedic care in Commerce TX. In some cases, this means going through surgery in order to assess, repair or replace a certain part of the body. Today, there are several minimally invasive procedures that can reduce the scarring, blood, and risk of infection that sometimes comes with a traditional surgery. For many patients, arthroscopy is the solution to the pain and frustration that comes with an injury.

What is arthroscopy?

This minimally invasive surgery uses an endoscope to reach into the joint to determine the exact problem and in some cases, repair the issue. This procedure is still done by a surgeon and may require general anesthesia. In most cases, the procedure is outpatient, and 1/4-inch incisions are placed on both sides of the joint in question.

What are the advantages?

Because the joint does not need to be opened up completely, smaller incisions are made to the body, creating less of a scar and decreasing the trauma to the body. In the past, traditional open surgeries required a considerable amount of downtime. Arthroscopy shortens a person’s recovery time. The smaller incision into the joint also decreases the chance of causing trauma to the other parts of the joint and surrounding areas. Smaller incisions mean less chance of infection as well as reduced pain. You can click here to learn more.

What are the disadvantage?

Depending on the surgery, there is a chance that the repair will not be as strong as one that could be achieved with an open surgery. This usually depends on the area of the surgery as well as a person’s history of injury. It also requires that patients seek out surgeons skilled in orthopedic care in Commerce TX that have the ability to handle an arthroscopic procedure.

How can you be sure can you be sure that arthroscopy is the right choice for you? The best place to start is a consultation at Paris Orthopedic Clinic PA. Here you can talk with surgeons that can look at your specific situation and help you make the final decision.

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