With the possible exception of special cases such as Seeing Eye dogs, our four footed, furry friends and other pets are not permitted to go inside human medical facilities; but, that does not mean that they cannot have their own special facilities especially for their own treatment and/or hospitalization. In the biological and anatomical sense there is little or no difference between a human body and that belonging to any other mammal. Some diseases may be unique to a particular type while others easily jump the species gap and bone breakages and other traumatic injuries require much the same treatment regardless of what shape the body has.

Pet Owners Obligations

Within the city itself, you are hardly likely to find many domesticated farm animals (cows, horses, goats, pigs, chickens, ducks, etc) so it would follow that there are not many facilities specializing in treating their ailments. There will be all sorts of exotica in zoos and possibly private collections but these will fall largely outside the scope of the city’s normal veterinarian services.

On the whole, those services will be aimed at domestic pets with cats and dogs to the forefront. Unfortunately, there are a few exceptions; but, most pet owners take their responsibilities seriously. This starts as soon as they take the pet into their home; almost the first thing that they will do is to check up on the veterinary services within their neighborhood and, in the case of puppies, kittens and other young ones ascertain what medical requirements are involved. This will usually result in them visiting the nearest veterinary clinic that is open at the times when they can get there. From then on, there will be routine checkups, inoculations, etc. In some cases, the vet may also make house calls in addition to the standard clinic operation.

Accidents, Major Surgery And/Or Serious Illness

Even for some relatively simple work, there are times when, just like humans, your pet will need some time to recover from a procedure. While these and more serious procedures can be undertaken at a well quipped and suitably staffed clinic or surgery; such places might not have suitable spaces available for your pet to convalesce in. However, if your pet is a patient of the Metropolitan Veterinary Center; they run a 24 hour Animal Hospital In Chicago where your pet can recuperate in peace, quiet and comfort until ready to go back home to you.

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