According to industry statistics, the average toilet is flushed approximately 2,000 times a year. In the United States, this applies to toilets that are, to a great extent, older and less water efficient. These models waste around 1.6 billion gallons of water daily making them hard on the wallet and the environment. If this describes your toilet situation, talk to a plumber about installing a newer model.

What to Look For

If you talk to a plumber, he or she will tell you there are certain factors you need to consider before you actually order a toilet. You need to find one that is:

* Efficient

* Durable

* Less susceptible to clogs

* Fits the required space

* Is esthetically suitable

* Falls within the budget

Keep these in mind as you look at the various types of toilets available on the market today.

Basic Toilet Types

There are many ways you can classify a toilet. A plumber may refer to them as being:

* Gravity Toilets

* Vacuum-Assisted Flush Toilets

They may also be categorized according to construction as:

* One-Piece: the entire toilet is a single seamless unit. This is a toilet that saves space and is easy to clean

* Two-Piece: the water tank is separate from the bowl. This is the traditional type of toilet found in most American homes

Other Descriptions Used by a Plumber

A plumber may also refer to the toilet in terms of its flush capability: standard, low-flow and dual-flush. Plumbers may also talk about the shape and size of the bowls. Bowls can be:

* Elongated

* Round-front of plain bowls (PB)

Special Toilets

There are different types of toilets available to suit specific needs or requirements. A bidet (paperless toilet) common for years in Europe, has become more popular among seniors. Some individuals require a different style of toilet. They need toilets to be specially designed to meet their needs. Among the more common kinds are elevated toilets. They have higher or raised seats to assist in sitting and rising. Hand railing may be attached to the wall to supply further aid. A plumber or plumbing contractor can help ensure installation is completed with minimal fuss.

Toilets have changed significantly during the past few years. You can find a toilet that suits your style and needs. If you want, you can abandon a round bowl for a square, ceramic for stainless steel. Whatever you preference, talk to a plumber about your options. When it comes time for installation, leave it to the professionals.

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