Christmas Light Shows in Fort Worth

by | May 23, 2017 | Lighting, Travel

As they say, “everything is bigger in Texas”, especially in Fort Worth. The Christmas lights displays in Fort Worth magnify the city and allow it to exude the holiday charm, despite the lack of snow. From festive neighborhoods to intricate light displays at different parks, they don’t skimp on these fabulous light exhibitions.

History Of Christmas Lights

Prior to today’s lights, candles adorned Christmas trees and were used as decorations around homes during the holiday season. The history of the use of the candles derived from older periods of time where fire was heavily utilized during the winter months as the days were significantly shorter. However, the utilization of candles to adorn Christmas trees gave way to a lot of home fires and became a safety issue.

It wasn’t until 1880 when Thomas Edison tried to convince people to use his light bulb that he had the idea to string them together outside of his Menlo Park office during Christmas. In 1882, Thomas Edison, along with Edward Johnson, created the first illuminated Christmas tree, which was covered with Edison’s light bulbs. This was the beginning of Christmas lights as we know them today.

As Christmas lights have continually developed and technology has enabled different light and sound synchronization methods, Edison’s simple light bulb have become intricate display. In fact, today’s yuletide cheer would not be the same without major Christmas light displays.

With any Christmas season, families and friends round each other up to go view the Christmas light shows around Fort Worth. Below are a few Christmas light shows around town:

* Magic of Christmas Light Show Spectacular, Grapevine.
* Vitruvian Lights, Addison.
* The Lights at Interlochen, Arlington.
* Christmas Tour of Lights, Farmers Branch.
* Gift of Lights, Fort Worth.
* Christmas in the Square, Frisco.
* Prairie Lights, Grand Prairie.

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