Hire a Brain Trauma Injury Lawyer in Troy MI After an Accident

by | May 23, 2017 | Legal Services

TBIs (traumatic brain injuries) are common in accidents involving impacts to the head. In many cases, a victim may think that they know the severity of the injury, but they may not find out how bad it is until the case is settled. Below are some signs to look for and some steps to take when protecting a victim’s rights.

Injury Severity

TBIs are classed in two different ways: mild or severe. A TBI is considered to be mild if the victim is unconscious for less than a half hour. Although most TBIs are considered to be mild, many victims experience issues for a year or longer.

Mild TBIs

The signs of a mild TBI include:

*    Coordination problems

Excessive amount of sleep


Violent outbursts

Memory loss



Many TBI victims go on to live full lives. However, those who suffer from moderate to severe TBI may lose consciousness for over an hour. When someone has a brain injury, one thing they can do is call a Brain Trauma Injury Lawyer in Troy MI.

Moderate or Severe TBI

Within a few days, these symptoms may appear:

*    Clear fluids draining from the ears

*    Nausea

*    Vomiting

*    Confusion

It’s important to realize that the symptoms of TBI may not be readily apparent. Depending on the nature of the injury, signs can appear over a length of time. It’s best to consult a doctor and an attorney after such an event.

How an Attorney Can Help

While some injury cases can be resolved without hiring someone to help them, most clients can benefit from the help provided by a personal injury lawyer. These lawyers apply their real world experience to each case to get clients the outcome they deserve.

The Next Steps

If a person has a traumatic brain injury, the next thing they should do is to consult an attorney. A traumatic brain injury lawyer can help clients protect their rights and get the compensation they need to live a full life. Get more information from a Brain Trauma Injury Lawyer in Troy MI by calling the office or visiting the firm online.

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