Most problems affecting the teeth can be dealt with by a dentist. However, more serious issues that impact how a person chews or how the rest of the teeth grow in may require Oral Surgery in Short Hills NJ. The two most common procedures performed by oral surgeons in the area are wisdom teeth extractions and dental implant placements.

Wisdom Teeth

Most teeth, even fully-formed adult teeth, can be removed in a dentist’s office. Wisdom teeth, on the other hand, require a little bit more expertise and care. The most common reason for having them removed is that they are showing signs of becoming impacted. Most of the time the decision to remove them is made based on evaluating X-rays and they are removed before they have fully erupted, or broken through the gums. Failing to have impacted wisdom teeth removed can only lead to more trouble down the line, including both pain as the jaw becomes crowded and misalignment of otherwise healthy teeth.

Having wisdom teeth removed isn’t a major surgery. Most of the time, oral surgeons are able to perform the procedure quickly and simply with a local anesthetic. Unfortunately, over time the roots of wisdom teeth become more developed, which makes them harder to remove as patients age. Keep this fact in mind when deciding whether or not to have those problem wisdom teeth extracted early.

Placing Dental Implants

In most offices, the second most common form of Oral Surgery in Short Hills NJ is the placement of dental implants. Although consultations and follow-up visits are sometimes performed by a dentist rather than an oral surgeon, the actual implant procedure requires surgery. During this simple procedure, an oral surgeon will cut through the gums and implant a titanium screw directly into the patient’s jaw bone. This screw will act like the root of a natural tooth, giving the patient’s dentist an anchor for a crown or other dental prosthesis.

Other issues commonly addressed by oral surgeons include treatment of TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorders, sleep apnea, and even snoring. Interested in learning more? Contact Westfield Oral Surgery to set up an appointment today.

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