Homeowners should take notice when water starts draining slowly out of shower stalls and sinks. It could indicate a clog in a drain or a problem with the septic tank. A plumber is able to use a camera to locate any clogs in the drains that run from the house to septic system. If they are running freely, then it’s time to call for Septic Repair in Auburndale FL. A video inspection can determine what’s causing the problem.

A septic tank uses bacteria to break down waste into two components. Solid waste, also called sludge, sinks to the bottom. Liquid waste or scum floats to the top. When the scum reaches a certain level, it leaves the septic tank through an outfall pipe. If the residents are using too much water, the outfall pipe capacity may not be able to keep up with the amount of water entering the septic tank. If the family can’t reduce their water consumption, then they will need to have their tank pumped out more frequently or they will need to replace it with a larger septic system.

Even a septic system with sufficient capacity will have to be pumped out on a regular basis. While bacteria treats the wastewater and sewage, it does not eliminate the sludge. It will continue to build up in the septic tank until it clogs the outfall pipe. If this occurs, the Septic Repair in Auburndale FL, company will have to excavate the area to replace the outfall pipe. Sometimes, the sludge will also enter the leaching field pipes. If this occurs, they will also have to be replaced.

The septic tank and leaching field need to be protected. They are not strong enough to support heavy vehicles. It is possible to crush a septic tank and leaching field pipes. Homeowners should not park their cars, recreational vehicles, or boats on top of either of these structures. If either of these is crushed, they cannot be repaired and will have to be replaced. Septic Solutions is one of the Auburndale companies that can help homeowners in any of these situations. They can click for more info, and the company provides free estimates for all services.

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