Sending someone flowers in Delhi is a very nice way to brighten their day. Regardless of the occasion, they are going to know you were thinking about them. You can order online and personalize a card that will be sent to them along with the arrangement. This is a simple touch that will melt their heart. Not all florists are the same so do your homework. You need a business you can count on to get your floral needs taken care of quickly and without a harsh hit to your wallet.


Take your time to select whom you want to make the purchase from. When it comes to flowers delivery in Delhi, you have to know what you are getting. Sometimes, flowers will be shipped in a box and they show up at the door flat and wilted. That isn’t very appealing at all. You want them to be personally delivered looking fresh and alive.

They should be well displayed in a beautiful vase. The size and shape of the vase will depend on the arrangement you have selected. You should be able to see photos online of the various options for flowers delivery in Delhi. It is important to feel confident that what the person will receive is going to be just like what you see in the photo.


Find out what the cost will be for the flowers delivery before you place your order. Most of the providers keep it very reasonable. Some of them even offer the delivery for free when you spend at least a certain amount on the floral arrangement. You don’t want to be alarmed to get your bill and find they charged you an unbelievable amount for the delivery!

You may incur additional delivery charges on holidays so find out before ordering. If you get them delivered the day before, it can be free or significantly less. If you place your order the same day as the delivery, there may be an additional charge. It depends on the policies of the provider. Avoid placing same day orders if you can, to ensure your needs can be met.


Try to work with a provider offering a guarantee on the flowers you pay for to be delivered. If they can’t deliver them, what will the process be? Will they try again later in the day or call the person to see when they can be picked up? You don’t always know when someone will be home or at work for the delivery to be completed.

The guarantee should also cover the date of the delivery attempt and the quality of the flowers. You don’t want to be embarrassed to later discover what you thought you paid for and what they actually got were very different.

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