Rubber is an extremely versatile material and due to this it is incorporated into many products that are in daily use. A rubber molding company can produce almost any shape that the customer desires, parts can be custom designed and manufactured for medical, commercial and industrial use.

Rubber molded parts are popular for a number of good reasons, it is a material that is easily transformed into a durable product which maintains its original shape even though it may be subjected to considerable force during operation. A rubber molding company can produce parts which are extremely flexible and although rubber can be easily cut, it is material that is not easily fractured. Rubber, when used in molded parts does not conduct electricity, are waterproof, can be produced in just about any color and can form an airtight seal. Molded rubber parts can be used to improve the traction of any device.

The process for producing molded rubber parts starts with solid rubber which in turn is melted and then poured into a mold. Once the rubber has solidified again the part is ready for use. Depending on the component it can be sold as a product or as a component of a larger assembly.

Rubber molded parts that are highly visible just about anywhere are tires which are used for all types of vehicles from cars to huge earth moving equipment. Tires are not made exclusively of rubber; the rubber is but one material that goes into the finished tire. Making a tire is not as simple as pouring molten rubber into a mold, there are many stages in the process; the final stage which is treading the tire is a rubber molding process.

A rubber molding company often works with major industry which is a large user of molded rubber parts. Dampers which are used in situations where vibration can be expected are one common application. Molded rubber seals are also used as leak proof seals in piping networks, these seals can be custom molded to ensure that doors remain sealed when closed firmly and an airtight seal is deemed necessary.

As rubber can be easily cleaned and very few people have a negative reaction to it, it is used extensively in the medical field. Many pieces of medical apparatus have molded rubber handles, these handles make it less likely that the surgical tool will slip during a medical procedure.

A rubber molding company makes a large variety of products that consumers encounter. Rubber mats, tool handles, children’s toys and protective coverings are but a few common examples.

R.E. Darling Co., Inc. is a custom rubber molding company which produces complex molded rubber parts for mining, aerospace, medical and life support etc. You are invited to discuss your molded rubber requirements with the specialists at R.E. Darling Co., Inc.

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