Finding and Resolving Leaks In Outdoor Swimming Pools in Kansas City

by | Mar 17, 2016 | Swimming Pools and Spas

Outdoor Swimming Pools in Kansas City may sometimes develop leaks that a technician can repair. The type of leak that develops depends partly on the construction of the pool and whether any added features are in place. Structural leaks can occur, but problems also may develop in main drains, skimmers, plumbing lines, and fountains. Finding the leak often is relatively straightforward but, at times, is more challenging. After the leak source is identified, the technician provides an estimate for repair. The repair work might be done the same day if the job is relatively easy. In some cases, however, a worker or a crew will need to be at the site for a full day or two.

Property owners may feel frustrated with having to keep adding water to a leaking pool since that drives up utility bills. However, technicians need the pool to be full to make a knowledgeable diagnosis of the leak. In addition, an inground fiberglass pool should never be allowed to run short of water since that can cause inward bulging due to pressure from the earth. In rare cases, the pool even lifts up from the ground if it loses too much water.

Vinyl liners can deteriorate over time and need patching. This is one of the easiest repair jobs as long as the property owner doesn’t ignore it and allow the situation to worsen. Plumbing issues are relatively common because of shifts in the earth and corrosion over time. Those leaks typically can be repaired, although the technician may need to replace some of the plumbing in certain cases. The pipe that brings water back from the filter and pump, known as the return line, is a relatively common source of problems. Outdoor Swimming Pools in Kansas City that are composed of gunite and plaster can crack if they have not been properly winterized and the season experiences episodes of freezing and thawing.

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