In Florida as elsewhere, the scope of any General Building Contractor Around St. Augustine depends upon many factors. Firstly, all buildings are constructed for a purpose and that purpose is decided upon by the client who is effectively purchasing the finished building or construction work. This can be a private person, a corporate entity, a religious organization or a branch of government. Next will be the size of the contracting firm and the skills that the firm has at its disposal.

A couple of guys who are fairly “good with their hands” can set up in the business of general building contractor in St. Augustine but the scope of work that they can carry out is likely to be restricted to small maintenance jobs on existing buildings or possibly the construction of something along the lines of a small gazebo in someone’s back yard. However, if these guys really do know what they are doing; then, they may well grow their business and increase the scope of services that they can offer.

Recognized Skills
For many good reasons, we have organized our society in such a way as to attempt to control the people who take our money in return for provision of services. This is particularly true for the construction industry. All steps involved in construction should only be undertaken by those qualified to undertake them and, before they can sell their services to anyone they should have successfully completed a recognized tuition and training program which will then entitle them to apply for membership of a trade association or professional body which, in turn, will enable them to be approved or licensed by the relevant state authorities.

For highly specialized services like those provided by such as architects and civil engineers the route to full qualification can be both lengthy and somewhat expensive involving much hard study which is part of the reason that, once qualified, they can charge high fees for their services.

Separate Specialists Or All Under One Roof?
These days, a firm offering itself as a General Building Contractor In St. Augustine may decide to set itself up as a design-build contractor. This means that within the one firm there will be someone qualified in each of the many aspects of constructing buildings of any type. Not only can such a firm take care of everything from designing the building; acquiring all necessary permits; through actual construction to finishing decoration and final hand over to the client.

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