Perhaps the most important feature of any kitchen lies in the answer to the question “how well does it work for you as a kitchen?” Different people will give different answers to this question because we all use our kitchens in different ways.

How Do You Use Your Kitchen?

Would you say:-

  • I live alone and usually have my morning coffee and toast in the kitchen and eat out for most other meals.
  • With a husband and two kids; I always serve them breakfast in the kitchen but, for lunch and dinner, we use the dining room.
  • I like to entertain friends for coffee mornings and, from time to time, some wine at the close of the day. I find my kitchen the best place in which to do this.
  • I am a serious amateur cook and I love throwing dinner parties for groups of friends. I do not like others to come into my kitchen but I am very proud of the modern appliances that I have in there.

This is just a short selection of possible kitchen scenarios and the four kitchen examples above are, obviously, going to be different from each other when it comes to the important kitchen features their owners will place there.

Which Is More Important – Cooking Efficiency Or Appearance?

Actually, you should not need to choose between the two. There is currently a plethora of great, highly efficient appliances that can turn almost all of us into fantastic chefs. Many of these are strangely attractive in appearance (albeit in a technological manner). Then, there is the extensive range of kitchen cabinets and counter surfaces that we can both fit around all our appliances and use as the basis for a well organised storage system.

Maybe you feel that you lack the skill to bring out the important features of your personalised kitchen? However, that does not mean that you cannot have them. What you will need is sufficient space in your existing kitchen to incorporate the upgrades that you require and, of course, the budget to pay for it all. You will need to buy the new things somewhere; so, why not use a store that is prepared to discuss your needs and then prepare a design that will accomplish them?

Zesta Kitchens are experts at providing and designing the important features for your kitchen. Take advantage of their 40 plus years of experience in kitchen design; they know what is important.

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