Is a carpet remnant a good buy?

by | Mar 7, 2014 | Home and Garden

Many retailers of discount carpet in Charlotte sell remnants; these are smaller pieces of carpets which are sold “as is”. Remnants are normally sold at a considerable discount.

What is a remnant and where does it come from?

Unfortunately there are many people who are under the impression that carpet remnants are what is left over from a previous installation and that the customer unknown to himself, already paid for it. This may be true in some cases but not many.

Reputable Carpet Wholesalers And Retailers stock hundreds of rolls of carpet; the remnants are always what is left on the roll. Once a roll of carpet has been almost completely exhausted, what is left on the roll, and it may only be a few feet, is that which becomes a remnant and sold as discount carpet in Charlotte. The store finds it more in the favor to sell these remnants at a deeply discounted price than to keep them around hoping that someone wants a small room carpeted.

Large carpet stores have enough carpet on hand that they can create their own remnants; smaller shops will often buy remnants direct from the manufacturer. The manufacturers of carpet have short pieces left the same as the retailers and they sell them to the smaller retailers as remnants.

The pros of buying a remnant:

Remnants are sold at an attractive discount and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the carpet other than there is very little of it. The price is a big drawing card, it allows a customer to buy carpet at a good price and it gets it out of the stores space which is the benefit for the retailer.

Buying a remnant is also convenient. A customer can walk straight into the store, make his or her choice, pay for it and walk straight back out with the carpet in hand. There is absolutely no waiting time for the carpet to be sourced from the mill, the staff do not even have to cut it off a roll, the transaction is instant.

For those who only want small area rugs there is nothing better than purchasing a remnant, any reputable retailer will be able to edge bind the piece and the customer can get a discount carpet in Charlotte that looks like it cost a lot.

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