Is the Home Too Dusty? Call an HVAC Contractor in Islip NY

by | Jan 30, 2019 | HVAC Contractor

A home is full of chores: laundry, dishes, vacuuming, and dusting, to name a few. While such duties can’t be avoided, it seems as if they have to be done too often. If keeping up with a dusty home is a struggle, it may be that the HVAC system is causing a problem. Read on for some simple and effective solutions.

Trapping the Dust

When checking the HVAC system for clues as to the source of the dust in the home, the filter is a logical starting point. These filters should be inspected at least once per month and cleaned or replaced when they are dirty. If the home is particularly dusty or there are pets nearby, the filter may need to be replaced more often. When changing the filter, it’s important to ensure that there’s a good seal around each side as it’s put back into the air return. If the filter is the wrong size or gaps are present, dust may flow through the system and into the home.

Plug Leaks

Leaky ducts are another cause of excessive dust, and they’re a fairly common problem. Gaps may develop due to damage, age, or poor workmanship, and they might develop in dusty parts of the home. Such gaps allow dust to get in past the air filter, putting it through the vents and into the room. Take a look at some of the home’s vents. If there’s dust built up around or on them, there may be a leak in the ductwork. For a thorough inspection and potential repairs, consider calling an HVAC Contractor in Islip NY.

Stay Dry

Those in wetter climates get somewhat of a break from dust issues, where those in drier areas see more problems. Dust flows right through dry air, traveling faster through an air conditioning system. Where there’s more humid air, dust settles sooner and is more likely to be caught by the air filter. If the area is very dry, consider buying a whole-home humidifier.

These are just some of the best tips to follow when there’s too much dust in the home. Look out for excessive dryness and leaking ductwork, and if service is needed, browse our website and call an HVAC Contractor in Islip NY.

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