Seasonal Tree Services in Elliott City, Maryland

by | Jan 30, 2019 | Tree Services

Homeowners that want the most beautiful lawn possible must plan their annual lawn care early. A regular schedule can prevent unnecessary damage and expense. Tree services are especially important to schedule because the care prevents pest or disease damage and reduces the risk of danger from a weak limb or ailing tree.

Begin in Spring

Tree Services in Elliott City MD should start with a complete inspection. The review will look for winter damage and rule out any risks from excessive water due to snow melt or spring rain. Spring is the perfect time to plant new trees and prune existing ones. Add mulch or fertilizer to give the tree a boost during their growing season.

Protect Through Summer

Adjusting soil pH levels, adjusting watering schedules and the addition of fertilizer or mulch take place in the summer. More inspections for insects should occur at this time as well. The watchfulness keeps the trees full and healthy despite storms, heat or the other potential tolls summer can exert.

Strengthen in Fall

Risk assessments take place in the fall to make certain the trees are strong for the winter. Mulch helps the soil to retain water, so more mulch may be added at this time. Other fall tasks include unsafe branch removal, more pruning, and the use of insecticides and fertilizer. Wraps or sprays to protect vulnerable trees are also used at this point.

Continue Through Winter

Pruning may take place again now that the leaves are down because the branches that were once hidden are now easier to see and reach. Weak branches may need braces or cables and unsafe trees are taken down. Tree Services in Elliott City MD are as important during the dormant season as they are any other time of the year.

Scheduled maintenance protects trees, but there are still occasions when homeowners need more help. The reasons to call can include storm damage, a sudden decline in the appearance of a tree or the arrival of insects or other pests. Help trees to thrive with proper annual care. Get more information to see what services to consider and when to begin.

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