Pest Control in Boulder CO is not something to be attempted via generic sprays available on a department and home improvement store shelves. It does appear to be a fast and cheap, but can actually make the problem worse. The crucial element required for effective pest control is proper identification of the pest. That takes the skills and experience of a licensed professional. Treating the area for the wrong pest will be throwing money away, while the real pest continues to thrive. There are over ten-thousand species of ants, for example, and many types of bees, spiders, fungus, beetles and other insects.

A variety of treatments is available when the type of pest is determined. It is also possible to have more than one pest present. The professional will inspect all areas of the commercial or residential property to discover the classification of pest, and decide what action will eradicate the problem effectively. herbicides and pesticides are commonly used. Healthier alternatives can be discussed of required or desired. It is important to realize that it may take repeated treatment applications for the property to recover, depending on the degree and type of infestation. The person conducting services will be able to provide a realistic estimate of how many treatments will be needed. If any further treatments are required beyond that, customers will be notified in advance, and a full explanation is offered.

Do not wait until the property is overrun with the pest before requesting professional Pest Control Boulder CO. Contacting the company as soon as pests are noticed or suspected will save time and money. It will also prevent extensive damage to the lawn, wood, trees and bushes, or plants and flowers. An experienced company, such as Wards Lawn Service, will provide quick response times and offer free estimates to property owners. In addition to damaging the property, large numbers of pests can be dangerous to children, people with allergies, and pets. Proper maintenance of the landscaping can help control pest population on a long term basis. There are also certain plants and flowers that repel specific pests. Click here to learn about preventing or eradicating pests from the property.

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