Reasons to Book Your Venue Now for a Lake Geneva Country Club Wedding

by | Sep 20, 2022 | Golf Course & Country Club

After you say yes to your intended’s proposal, your next thoughts often turn to where you want to hold your ceremony. If neither of you is particularly religious, you may want to forgo getting married in a church or other place of worship.

Instead, you may prefer a secular venue where you can enjoy inclusive accommodations. You may get the ideal place for your ceremony when you book a venue for a Lake Geneva country club wedding.

Spacious Accommodations

When you book this venue, you get a spacious area in which to host your nuptials. If you get married inside, for example, you may get use of an entire ballroom where you can set up seating for hundreds of guests. If you get married outdoors, you may get an entire lawn for hosting your wedding.

You avoid having to relegate the number of attendees based on how many seats a church or religious house of worship has to offer. You may be able to expand your guest list and invite everyone you want to it.

Onsite Services

Further, the venue may offer a variety of onsite services to make your big day even more special. For example, you may get access to its catering service. You also may get a professional planner provided to you.

Find more about a Lake Geneva country club wedding online. Reach out to Abbey Springs for more information!

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