The Basics Of Data Center Colocation

by | Sep 20, 2022 | Web Hosting Company

While colocation may not be an everyday word in other areas, in the IT industry, it is one of the hottest and growing trends. Colocation is the process of leasing space in a data center for a company or business to house its own server.

In addition to simply having the space, the company using the colocations service also has access to all the features of the data center. This includes all the technology, systems, networking, and security features offered at the data center. Different data centers offer different levels of service and features, and it is important for the company with the server to do their research and choose the correct match for their needs.

Getting Started

Pricing is always important for a company, and using colocation offers a lower price for remote server hosting. At the same time, the company will need to replace the server if it fails, but the costs they save in not having to build the infrastructure to house the server in their own building often more than outweighs the eventual cost of a server replacement.

If the colocation data center is in another geographic area, it may be important to consider support in the event there is a need to physically work on the server. Most data centers provide this on-demand type of support.

At the same time, the data center redundancies, power supplies, cooling system, and specific physical security are all included in the colocation fees. They provide technical support, and the top data centers also offer a range of disaster recovery or backup systems that can be incorporated into a colocation agreement.

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