Regardless of whether you are the owner-operator of one long haul rig or whether you own and manage a fleet, you will know that an integral part of profits is derived from operational efficiency of the trucks. When you think of the many thousands of miles that an eighteen wheeler racks up year after year, the old adage “a penny saved s a penny earned” has never been truer. Everything about your truck is important; everything from wheel alignment to brakes can either improve your bottom line or detract from it.

Save money:

There is no way to avoid maintenance and repair costs when you operate long haul trucks, but, over the long term, scheduled maintenance and timely truck repair in Bridgeview can actually save you money. Well maintained trucks run better and more efficiently which has a positive impact on fuel consumption and you can expect far fewer on-the-road breakdowns which cause costly delays in delivering the load. When you place emphasis on truck maintenance and repair, you are increasing profit, not wasting money.

Improve safety:

Transportation related risks are responsible for a high percentage of workplace injuries. In many cases, the cause is poorly maintained equipment. Brakes that fail, steering problems caused by poor alignment can and do lead to accidents that could be avoided with regular maintenance.

As the owner or fleet manager, it is your responsibility to keep your vehicles in good working order; a poorly maintained truck poses a danger to anyone sharing the road with it.

Reduced downtime:

Anyone involved with the trucking industry knows that you can’t make money when the truck is out of commission. Schedules maintenance and truck repair in Bridgeview can be carried out during non-peak times, reducing unexpected truck failure and improving the bottom line.

If you are looking for an independent facility for truck repair in Bridgeview you are welcome to take your vehicle to Wilrae, Inc. Regardless of the size of your truck, trust the experienced technicians at Wilrae Inc to keep it running and running well.

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