A lot goes into being a good friend: making sure your bud gets up in time for work when you’ve been out all night partying, making sure he doesn’t trade one of his key fantasy football players just before he starts to dominate, make sure he passes his classes – the list goes on and on depending on how long you’ve been friends. For many, this could mean going as far back as making sure he doesn’t eat the part of his sandwich he just dropped in the sand box. Friendship is one of the most important aspects of our lives. If it weren’t, why would we do it?

Being The Friend you’ve Always Wanted

It’s fairly simple. We invest in our friends because we care about them and we want to care about us. We look out for our friends not only because it’s the right thing to do, but also because somewhere in the back of our mind we all want the assurance that our friends are looking out for us too. It’s an unspoken agreement. Friends are family we get to choose and no one ever tells you to choose wisely when you’re four. When you’re that young, it’s a free for all. You aren’t calculating, judging or suspicious of anyone’s behavior. And for this reason, you are now stuck with your best friend you’ve had since kindergarten. And now he’s getting married. So what do you do now that your best friend is getting married? Dress the part and bring a present.

The Competition

Hopefully you don’t look at your best friend’s wife-to-be as competition. Hopefully you and her have a good relationship. Hopefully she’s not trying to push you out of the picture, as this can be the case. If this is the case, you shouldn’t be thinking about what to get him, but rather what to get her. An engraved shot glass may not be the best gift for her, but may be perfect for him. This gift will be especially awesome if you can attach a special memory to it – as long as the memory is something you are willing to share with your family and friends. If it’s inappropriate, you may want to think it. Something like an engraved shot glass that recalls the memory when you two first got way really sick drinking your parent’s Chardonnay may be just right, the more personal the better. Choosing the right present for your buddy is a great way to show you care about your friendship and that you’re happy for him and his decision to get married.

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