Rugs and carpets are most often used as coverings for the floor. They provide comfort and warmth for the room where they are used. Some rugs, such as the case of oriental rugs, can also be considered family heirlooms and valuable pieces of property. These rugs should be taken care of and any Oriental Rug Repair in Westchester County NY should be completed by a trained professional.

Oriental Rugs Should Not Be Treated as Ordinary Carpet

When an ordinary carpet gets soiled, it is easy to run to the store and get a can of carpet cleaner. A quick scrub and vacuuming and the soiled area are as good as new. If the stain is stubborn, a machine can be rented that may have more positive results. However, these tasks performed on an oriental rug can result in color loss and fiber damage.

Harm to Oriental Rugs Comes in Many Forms

Rugs are meant to be used. This is true of an oriental carpet. Some people may opt to display the rug as a wall hanging to save it from wear and tear, but even that cannot exempt the rug from damage. The very fiber of an oriental rug is prone to bleaching from strong lights. Moths and other bugs are known to eat wool fibers. Those well-meaning rug owners who clean their rug with damaging products will be seeking repair.

No Matter the Damage, Trained Specialists Know How to Repair an Oriental Rug

Oriental Rug Repair in Westchester County NY takes a special kind of training. It should be made clear that an oriental rug may seem like it is destined for the trash can but rug restoration by professionals can bring it back to its former glory. These professionals know how to match fibers and gently weave them into the rug for beauty and strength. Whether the damage is due to a pest or a kool-aid spill from a child, the damage can be repaired.

Oriental rugs are often considered works of art. They can be family heirlooms and handed down for generations or bought new at a store. Use guarantees wear and tear. Once that happens, get the free estimate and have the rug restored.

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