Situations that Call for Power Seeding

by | Jun 6, 2014 | Landscaping

For the most part, over seeding works great on a variety of situations. But there are many situations that can benefit from the use of power seeding due to the condition of the soil. Over seeding involves the use of a lot of coverings, such as pine straw or bark chips. In many situations this can work, but there are instances where coverings can smother out the growth of new grass. You need to speak with your lawn care professional to get advice on what type of seeding process is best for your particular lawn. The following are a few of the most common situations that will require Power Seeding for your Huntersville home.

Brand New Lawns

One of the most common situations that will require the use of power seeding is a brand new lawn that has never had grass on it before. In most cases, the use of over seeding will smother any new growth that may arise, which means that you will be working against yourself. Using power seeding will allow the seeds to get deep into the soil where they belong. This method will garner far better results and leave you will a lush and green lawn.

Weed Ridden Lawns

Another situation that will call for the use of power seeding is on a lawn with an exceptional amount of weeds. Using over seeding on a lawn like this will result in the wasting of a lot of seeds. Over seeding will not be able to penetrate the weeds and get the growth that you are looking for. Power seeding will allow you to reach the soil with your seeds, which will result in the growth and health that you are looking for in your lawn.

Badly Damaged Lawns

There are many variables that can badly damage your lawn over time and getting it back to its original condition can be harder than you think. Things like dogs or lack of rain can severely damage your lawn and lead to unattractive brown spots. The best way to make sure that your lawn returns to pristine condition is by using power seeding. Power seeding will allow the growth of new, green grass, which will help to fill in the dead patches that you have. The more you seed your lawn, the better it will look and the less damage it will have.

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