Tips For Selecting Monogramed Baby Blankets

by | Jun 6, 2014 | Shopping

Baby blankets, as with most things for babies, come in a wide range of styles, materials, designs and colors. Deciding on the right baby blanket begins with the basics and then works up to selecting the finishing details. This is true if you are looking for a standard blanket or if you are personalizing it to give monogramed baby blankets as gifts.

Fabric Choices

There are several different choices for fabrics when you are selecting monogramed baby blankets. Some companies provide organic cotton blankets that are a great option for babies, but cotton does stain and show wear easily. In addition cotton will fade and also shrink over time, especially with the frequent washing required when caring for an infant.

A better option is a 100% acrylic fabric, or lush cashmere, that will always hold its shape and never shrink or warp even with multiple washings and dryings per week. This fabric is also bright and colorful without fading, another important consideration. Another popular option for fall, winter and spring babies is a microfiber blanket. These are not only warm and snuggly but they will last and last.


Once you have selected the blanket, and the color, your next step is to select the details for your monogramed baby blankets. Some companies allow you to select the color that you want the monogram in while others are standard based on the blanket color.

You will also choose a font for monogramed baby blankets which allows you to select the style or the presentation of the child’s name. The fonts will range from standard block lettering such as Arial or Copperplate font to a more handwritten appearance such as Corinthia, Halcyon or JD to name just a few.

Choosing the actual font and colors for monogramed baby blankets is really up to you. If you have a chance look at samples of the blankets to see which font stands out to you as a good choice.

It is always a good idea to shop well in advance if you want to give monogramed baby blankets as gifts. Remember that these blankets will need to be monogramed after you order so allow for time to personalize as well as shipping to avoid disappointment.

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